Did you know in Vietnam we have 54 ethnic groups? hehehe 
It starts with I'm asking my dad how many ethnic groups there are in Vietnam. My dad said 54 and my mom said 25th. Who have right? Of course my dad .. wohoooo .. is the best! U can find all the information on the site.

South and North
Vietnam: customes

so cuteeeeee, I found at home :)
here are some ethnic groups

Nummer 26. Well my ethnic group is calling : Kinh ( Viet) 86.2 %  also The largest group.

This video is dedicated to all brothers and sisters of 54 ethnic groups. Every Ethnic groups have their own unique language, traditions, religions, and costumes. Vietnam is a diversity of 54 ethnicities which populated more than 84 millions of people. The Kinh( Viet, Jing, Yue) ethnic is the majority ethnic of Vietnam. Halong Bay, Hue, Danang, minority ethnic groups,.

Que Huong Vietnam, Vietnam men yeu, Motherland. Vietnamese culture. Vietnam tuyet voi. Beautiful Vietnam.54 ethnicities of Vietnam. 54 dan toc anh em vietnam

I have learn something today :)
about my country


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