some questions about me

Do you arrive on time: ALWAYS!!!! It's very important to me.
How tall are you: 160 cm *shorty*
Can you cook: YES, and I'm good too!
What do you do / do you study:  study
What are you wearing right now: pajamas
How do you live: apartment with my sister

Do you have any phobias:
NO, I don't think so
Did you have a good evening yesterday: No, I am studying for my exam
What is your most recent purchases: a sandwish
Your favorite drink in the morning: Orange juice
Hot favorite drink: hot chocolate
Favorite Drink when you're really thirsty:  water water and water

last person you hugged: my mom
What is the last time you drank: last night, coffee *and I don't like coffee*
Want children: yes, later in the future
Looking for your next birthday: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Have shaved your legs at some point: NOP!!!
If you crave something now: spring rolls

How many cups of coffee do you drink on a normal day:
I don't frink coffee
Do you use skin cream: Yes i do, Dermalogica very good for your skin ;)
Micro-pop or pop itself: micro-pop
Do you bake: Yes I do, mumsiiii
Are you happy with your life as it is now: Yes I am
What song you last listened to: Kayne West - Big Ego
What do you think is disgusting: dirty people who don't take care of itself!
Do you have money on cell phone: NO

Postat av: Beundrare

Är du singel?

2009-10-30 @ 15:13:23

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