Ao dai 'unique' from 1 million meters hair - design by Kim Quý.

The first step to complete this unique Ao Dai have thick of nearly one million meters to collect the hair of women across 54 nations across the country.

The hair was carefully care, are dyed into colors corresponding to the graphics information based on the idea of composing. Then, from the hair short around 10-12cm, Ms. Kim you used a needle to Tet long hair into a graceful Ao Dai.

The front of ao dai is not only made from the hair on the body that Luxury and Clothing also makes viewers surprise. The pagan front of Ao Dai pictures emerged Ly dragon, with long hair yellow color. Migration distance, look of the dragon is still on the grave on the black Ao Dai.

The back of Ao Dai It is a familiar image is changed and the pride of each Vietnamese, Luxury and map the country shaped S.


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