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laugh, life feels younger

I die of laughter now


I can't tell you ..* sorry *



Limbino People!

Välj det pris du vill vinna!

Nu är hösten här och det börjar lida mot vinter! Vad vore bättre än att vinna något av de lyxiga priserna ovan? Välj mellan den senaste iPhonen (3GS), en superslimmad minilaptop från Samsung och nya Playstation 3 Slim. Vad du än väljer så lovar vi dig att din vinst kommer att förgylla många mörka höst- och vinterkvällar! Tävlingen är dessutom helt gratis och alla som deltar får ett pris. Lycka till




Did you guys remember when I uploaded a video that --> Michelle Phan shows how to clean your face with rice water...But I'm making rice water and doing face mask instead...
It really works and I just want to say I've done it recently .. your skin is clean and nice ....and I mean it ;)


Today i'm going to pimp me up *mjaoooouuuuu*
party at S. so I have to prepare myself =P

anyway.. time to go!

So hungry now, time to eat



Friday yeiipppieee  ...
Today ends my course of scientific method. I can breathe now.
the course has been really tough for me...

Anyway B and S were at my house and had a nice girl night. . girls time....ect..

* Seventh Moon (horror movie) shit movie
* Hangover (Comedy)

We had some problems early with my laptop and TV, I don't know how to transfer the sound from the laptop to the TV, but it went well in the end. GIRLS POWER with Technology!!!!

B. I know U can make it !

S. and B. mash mellow artwork with white/ dark chocholate

cute aight?

Sweet aight? my feet :)

so cozy Friday night we have........




Honey Pomelo *jami*

some questions about me

Do you arrive on time: ALWAYS!!!! It's very important to me.
How tall are you: 160 cm *shorty*
Can you cook: YES, and I'm good too!
What do you do / do you study:  study
What are you wearing right now: pajamas
How do you live: apartment with my sister

Do you have any phobias:
NO, I don't think so
Did you have a good evening yesterday: No, I am studying for my exam
What is your most recent purchases: a sandwish
Your favorite drink in the morning: Orange juice
Hot favorite drink: hot chocolate
Favorite Drink when you're really thirsty:  water water and water

last person you hugged: my mom
What is the last time you drank: last night, coffee *and I don't like coffee*
Want children: yes, later in the future
Looking for your next birthday: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Have shaved your legs at some point: NOP!!!
If you crave something now: spring rolls

How many cups of coffee do you drink on a normal day:
I don't frink coffee
Do you use skin cream: Yes i do, Dermalogica very good for your skin ;)
Micro-pop or pop itself: micro-pop
Do you bake: Yes I do, mumsiiii
Are you happy with your life as it is now: Yes I am
What song you last listened to: Kayne West - Big Ego
What do you think is disgusting: dirty people who don't take care of itself!
Do you have money on cell phone: NO


Be happy and enjoy your life!
I did the exam today, it went well. I hope so!
What I have to do tomorrow:
1. Home exam left.
2. Presentation about "svininfluensan" (pig flu) what it's called in English?

Then I'm free :)

Next week:
Me and B: will start our bachelor thesis.

My last day !

I will quickly say hello to my blog.
because I'm going and study again soon. My last day today ... so I will studying throughout the night...
No sleep tonight....give me black coffee please! Hope it helps :O

Do you know what it's?

 //Bye så länge!





I got a big ego ha ha ha
Im Such a big ego uh uh uh
I got a big ha ha ha ego
                                                    School here i come!


Blue shirt - Style Freja
Jeans - Dr Denim Jeansmakers
Watch- Guess
Boots - TIAMO

Wow monday!

This week is a disaster for me!
I'm going to stay in school from Monday-Wednesday, studying in the library, I have exam on Thursday,
and Friday statement.

then I am free and can breathe again.

was in school at 20.00 today. I am completely exhausted...
I'm so hungry, came home saw my sister cooking dinner...

I'm FULL now, time to rest...hahha
my gosh already 22.00, I can't's time to sleep soon.....zzzZZzzz..the stars are shining bright...
Time is running away from me...

--------------------------> Xin chao <--------------------------


Wonder Girl Emy
I want nobody, nobody but me  =P
nobody nobody nobody ....hahah

She's sOOOOooooooooo CUTE!!!!

Back to Borås!

Yes I'm home now!
 shower, shower weiiieeeehee, now i'm so hungry....

quick and simple: bread and cheese with cucumbers , vitamin C water...
I need it!!

/School tomorrow
Don't want to :(
I want holiday too hahah

Winter time !


You have not forgotten to turn the clock back one hour?
When the time is 13.00 in your head, is 14.00 for real :)

You can sleep 1 hour more. Yippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

Do you like winter ?